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The Minneapolis law firm of Schaefer Halleen focuses on the protection of individual rights through the resolution of employment law claims.  We give a voice to victims of workplace misconduct.  We are honored that our clients trust us to counsel them through the litigation process. We commit to apply the full breadth of our experience, skill, and creativity toward a satisfactory resolution of each case we take, whether it involves an individual or a class of thousands.  Contact us  for a confidential consultation about your legal problem. We will help you solve it.

“My clients inspire me every day.  It’s a privilege to help victims of illegal workplace conduct move past this trauma and have their dignity and self-worth restored, while holding the offending employer accountable.”

-Lawrence P. Schaefer, Owner and President

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Zealous Advocacy for our Clients
The team at Schaefer Halleen strives every day to empower clients to take control and hold their employers accountable.


Strong Foundation in Employment Law
We understand that people rarely anticipate becoming a plaintiff in a lawsuit.  Sometimes bringing a lawsuit is the only way to protect your individual rights.


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Client Testimonials

I was extremely reluctant and afraid to pursue legal claims when I knew I was being treated illegally by a former employer. Schaefer Halleen, LLC, exhaustively analyzed and developed all of the facts necessary to prove what I went through, identified every potential legal claim, and gave me the confidence I desperately needed to stand up to my employer. The firm left no stone unturned in pursing these claims, and the result was a settlement that allowed me to put closure to the most difficult professional experience of my life. Throughout this process, the Firm's expertise, advice and compassion gave me great comfort.

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